Dedicated USA Proxies for use with

These AXS proxies are yours alone - no-one else can use them.

  • These proxies may not be USA based due to many subnets being banned
  • All proxies are totally anonymous.
  • All proxies can be bought in the quantities listed below.
  • All proxies come with unlimited bandwidth usage
  • All proxies are sitting on servers with 1Gbit Internet connectivity
  • These proxies are setup manually and as such, Setup can take up to 48 hours.
  • Access can be locked down by your IP address or by username/password.
  • All proxies are http/https, no SOCKS.
  • Do not use them for anything illegal or offensive.
  • If we receive an abuse notification your account will be terminated (including comment spam)
  • An active subscription is required to maintain access to your proxies
  • If your AXS proxies stop working we will replace them
  • I reserve the right to cancel any account at any time for any reason - if you don't agree, don't sign up!
AXS Proxy Quantites