What are Tickletmaster proxies?

You wouldn’t expect to be caught in a queue when purchasing tickets online, or even be limited to the number of tickets you can personally buy before being cut off. Believe it or not, at some of the biggest online venues such as Ticketmaster, you will likely endure both of these scenarios for many of the most popular events.

With millions of users all wanting to access Ticketmaster’s servers all at once after a popular event is announced, it can be a major win if you can score any ticket at all – let alone a number of them for friends and family. There is always the option of paying extra to get the tickets you need but it is still a major challenge to get entry into that once in a lifetime event you had your heart set on.

To get around this dilemma it is possible to make use of an interesting little piece of web technology called a Ticketmaster proxy. All computers connected to the Internet are given a unique IP address – which is simply a number that allows it to communicate with other computers all over the world. To make it simple you can think of this IP number as being a little like your street address, which allows physical mail to find its way to your house.

Information can be recorded against your IP address such as which websites you visit, and for how long. This is a great marketing tool for large companies with access to that information as they can tailor advertisements specific to your unique IP. Unfortunately, sites like Ticketmaster can also use your IP address to determine how many tickets you are buying. If they feel that you are abusing their system, then it is a simple matter for them to disconnect your IP address and even ban it. This is where the proxy server comes in.

A proxy server is another computer which makes it appear as if you have a completely different IP address to your actual one. Your computer makes a request to the proxy server, the proxy server then connects to the site you want to visit and routes all the information back to you. Effectively, it appears to the other computer that you have a completely different IP address to your actual one. Continuing with the physical mail analogy this is like another person getting your mail at a different address, who then forwards it onto you, with the postal service having no idea about your real address.

To get around ticket limitations and any bans on your IP you can use a Ticketmaster proxy. You will need to outlay a little extra as it does cost money to keep proxy servers up and running. Varying prices are available to suit most needs but it pays to learn about the actual proxies you are getting. Many of these proxy numbers are sold to hundreds of people as shared proxies, and as such they are quick to get on the banned list. If you buy these shared proxies there is no guarantee how long they will work, if at all.

Another option is to buy Ticketmaster proxies exclusive to you. These are simply proxy numbers which have a guarantee not to be sold to anyone else so you should be able to use them indefinitely – providing you don’t abuse them and get them on the banned list. Exclusive proxy numbers are usually priced a little higher but the extra convenience of not having to try a bunch of IP addresses before stumbling onto a winner is definitely worth it. Proxy addresses are also great for hiding your identity online, thus denying corporations the ability to gather personal information about you and your online habits.